Submitting using submit.cs

All non-written assignments this quarter will utilize the submit.cs system. This system not only handles the submission of the files, but can also provide you with nearly immediate feedback on your submission. This submission system is intended to help you iteratively make improvements to the programs you submit, thus you are allowed to resubmit as many times as you want. Note, however, that on some of the assignments you may have to wait some period of time to receive subsequent feedback if you make multiple submissions in a small window of time.

Getting Started

Before you can make submissions, you will need an account on submit.cs. Use whatever email you prefer to signup (your email is your username, and can be used if you forget your password). However, in the name field you must enter your name as listed in GOLD if you want to get credit for your submissions.

Once you’ve created your account, you need to join the class. Note that you will need to login if you have not already.

Making Submissions

After you’ve joined the appropriate course, you should find a list of available projects on the course specific page. Clicking on the link for the project will both provide you with a link to submit via the on-line submission form, and show you the command line you are to use to submit your project.

Testing before submitting

Before making any submission you should verify that your code compiles on a CSIL machine ( is a good machine to ssh into if you’re working remotely), and is an improvement upon any previous submissions. To do the latter you should come up with your own set of test cases that you run against your program before making a submission. A huge part of being a good programmer is being a good tester, so don’t skip on this step. As the quarter progresses, you will have to wait a longer period of time to receive feedback so it’s important that have confidence in the code you submit.

Making an on-line submission

If you are using the online submission system, you can either select one or more files to upload via the browse button, or drag and drop the files to submit. If the online uploader does not work for you, try using a different browser (it works with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari).

Submitting via command line

From a CSIL machine (not an ECI machine) execute the command exactly as listed on the project page. Your current working directory should be such that it contains the files you wish to submit. The command will look something like:

~bboe/bin/submit -p PROJECT_ID FILENAME...

Common Issues

When submitting via command line, if you see an error similar to the one below it means you are not actually on a CSIL machine (or one sufficiently similar to it). The easiest thing to do is to just quickly ssh into to submit your work.

/cs/student/bboe/bin/submit: line 6: /cs/student/bboe/bin/.py27/bin/python: cannot execute binary file

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