Lab 8: Recursion


  • You may not use static variables in your recursive functions.

Goals for this lab

By the time you have completed this lab, you should be familiar with recursion and merge sort.

Lab pairing

For this lab you may work with a partner. To facilitate your submissions as a pair you MUST pair up using the submission system. When you visit the project page from where you can view all your submission you should see a link to a page where you can join a group. Of the two people in the group, one of you must invite the other, and the other must confirm the invitation. Once you group up, any submissions that either you, or your partner have already made will be visible to each other in addition to all future submissions.

Lab preparation

After logging in, create the directory for this lab:

mkdir -p cs24/lab8

Change into the lab directory and copy the files you will need for this lab:

cd cs24/lab8
cp ~bboe/public_html/cs24_f13/code/lab8/* .


This lab intentionally has minimal directions. You are provided three files. In those files you will figure out what you are being asked to do. Note that you will only submit recursion.cpp so only make changes to that file.

The wikipedia article on merge sort adequately describes the various implementations of merge sort. You may find this section of particular value.

Note: You must write recursive implementations for the two functions you write.

Example execution

When completed, the following is an example of the expected execution of your program:

$ ./a.out foo bar flah
Original array
foo bar flah 

There are 1 items with value foo in the array.
Sorted array
bar flah foo 

For 3 items there were the following merges:
 * 1 merge(s) of 2 items
 * 1 merge(s) of 3 items

Total: 5
n*log(n) = 4.75

Note: You must divide the problem such that your merge counts of various sizes match what is expected (this shouldn’t be an issue).


The bulk of this assignment is to figure out how to use recursion to solve these problems. If you find yourself writing a lot of code, you are not doing it properly. For reference, my solution only requires 8 additional lines of code.

Submitting the assignment

Only one person in a group need submit the assignment but make sure that both you and your partner can view the submission on the submission site. If you cannot, you need to complete the making a group process. Please review the submission instructions as needed. Note that you may resubmit this assignment as many times as necessary up until the deadline.


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