ACM Interactive Informational Sessions

The ACM IIS was created for two purposes. The first is to educate students on a topic that they normally would have to learn on their own. Examples of this are programming languages, or tools which are not typically taught in class, such has python, emacs, or gdb. The second purpose is to give students who are knowledgeable about a certain topic the opportunity to instruct so that they may gain experience.

Apr. 28, Emacs

People have requested I post the next event prior to the night before. Thus Apr. 28 is tentatively scheduled to cover emacs. If you would like something else covered please email me with requests. This session should cover the basics, to adding emacs modes, to compiling within emacs, to debugging using gdb within emacs, working with multiple buffers and windows.

Apr. 14, PHP and a Little AJAX

This session gives an introduction to php and javascript through the development of a web based chat application. The end result of this application is the utilization of AJAX for transparent updates of the chat window as well as transparent form submissions. This session is great for those who are starting to develp their web development skills.

Update 1: I added the final file in which I fixed the problem with the transparent update. The issue was the display update function wasn't being called within the AJAX success, but rather at the end of the function. As I mentioned, the update code is handled asynchronously and thus it was being called before the data was sent to the server. I apologize for the confusion.

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Mar. 31, Creating Your CS Homepage

This session is on creating a CS Homepage by making a public_html folder within your home directory. This session gives a brief history on the evolution of html to xhtml, the basics for creating a static webpage. Additionally we will introduce php, css and javascript. The goal of the session is for everyone to have a clean and valid xhtml 1.1 webpage at their CS site, and further more to be comfortable learning more about web development on their own.

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Feb. 25, Using Linux

By popular request at the ACM meetings, this session is on using linux. The session covers common command line tools, text editors, file/directory permissions as well as a few other things. This session is great for students new to linux as well as those who want to pick up a few new things.

Update 1: I updated the Todo list with how to properly compress and extract files using tar. The trick is to make sure you're performing the actions on a directory as you probably don't want to create a tarbomb. Also I added a link to the Advaned Bash-Scripting Guide, which is a decent reference if you need to do that. As always google search stuff if you need more information as the web is excellent for linux and programming related topics.

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Feb. 11, Python, part 1, An Introduction to Python

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