Lab 3: Starting Project 1

Goals for this lab

By the time you have completed this lab, you should

  • Have an initial version of the array-based implementation of the List completed.

No Lab Pairing

This is not really a lab, but rather an opportunity to require you to start working on project 1. As such, you may not work with a partner on this assignment.

Lab Preparation

Follow the instructions to obtain the project 1 files if you have not done so already. If you started early, you may want to update your test_list.c file.

Implementing array_list.c

  1. Create the file array_list.c if you have not done so already.

  2. Add #include "array_list.h" at the top of array_list.c so that the implementation is aware of the attributes available in struct List.

  3. Define all of the functions that are declared in array_list.h. Your initial definition might simply want to return the “error” value (NULL for pointers, 0 for boolean integers).

  4. Once all the functions have been sufficiently defined, attempt to compile test_array by running make test_array. Fix any issues and repeat until test_array builds.

  5. Run test_array 0 -1 and observe any tests that fail. Make the necessary additions/corrections and repeat steps 4 and 5 until all the tests are passed.

Submitting the project

Even though you’re working on project 1, your lab 3 grade will depend on passing all the tests for the array-based implementation of the List that are included in test_list.c.


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