CS170 Information


Team: Sweet Home Alabama
Hackers: David Sigal and Rob Cohn
Team: I Love Rock 'n Roll
Hackers: Matt Hubert and Chris Hall
Team: Paradise City
Hackers: Matt Tobin and Brendan Shanks
Team: Brown Eyed Girl
Hackers: Erik Clarizio and Christian Banzon
Team: (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Hackers: Paul Clark and Paul Santana
Team: Roxanne
Hackers: Bryce Furlong and Ewei Chao
Team: White Room
Hackers: Shan Randhawa and Jovan Chohan
Team: La Bamba
Hackers: Maciej Baranski and Eric Liskay
Team: Spirit in the Sky
Hackers: Garrett Schultz and Kyle Shobe
Team: Baba O'riley
Hackers: Saeed Mahani and Julian Claudino
Team: Higher Ground
Hackers: Rene Hernandez and Vincent Garcia
Team: Foreplay/Long Time
Hackers: Shaun de Saint-Erne and Prudhvi Chaitanya
Team: Don't Stop Believin'
Hackers: Cody Walker and Carl Minden
Team: Walk This Way
Hackers: Adam Greenfield and Chris Chiu
Team: More than a Feeling
Hackers: Daniel Ring and Aaron Gottlieb
Team: The Final Countdown
Hackers: Salmaun Masooman and Max Ramirez
Team: Solo 1
Hackers: Ian Whitfield
Team: Solo 2
Hackers: Jacob Topper
Team: Solo 3
Hackers: James Betker
Team: Solo 4
Hackers: Jesse Farless
Team: Solo 5
Hackers: Monica Acevedo
Team: Solo 8
Hackers: Tamir Arad
Team: Duo 1
Hackers: Chris Bruner and Akhsar Kharebov

Section Slides / Extras

Slides (pdf / pptx)
Slides (pdf / pptx)
Slides (pdf / pptx)

Making Patches for project submission or email questions

Setup Step Part 1 -- On a csil machine

  1. Somewhere in your sandbox copy /cs/sandbox/student/bboe/minix_3.1.3a_src.tar.gz. This is a clean copy of minix 3.1.3a source.
  2. Extract the source: tar -xvzf minix_3.1.3a_src.tar.gz
  3. Make a copy of the source to use as your clean version: cp -r minix_3.1.3a_src minix_clean

Setup Step Part 2 -- On your minix machine

  1. Install openssh, and rsync via packman. They are packages 69, and 82 if you use the CD install.
  2. Run make clean on your src directory as you don't want to rsync binaries
  3. rsync your modified source directory to csil: cd /usr/; rsync -rptuv src/ {username}@csil.cs.ucsb.edu:{pathtosandbox}/minix_3.1.3a_src/
    make sure to replace {username} with your csil username, and {pathtosandbox} with the path to your sandbox.

At this point you have a synced up copy of your edited source folder. Now say you've made modifications and want to submit, or email me a question about your code, do the following:

  1. From minix run make clean on /usr/src
  2. rsync again from your minix machine (see part 2 step 2)
  3. From csil make your patch from your sandbox via: diff -ruNp minix_clean/ minix_3.1.3a_src/ > patch

Another useful thing this process grants you is the ability to edit from a CSIL machine rather than through the somewhat buggy minix terminal (don't open emacs then do ctrl+z). All you have to do is rsync files in the opposite direction by switching the arguments: rsync -auv {username}@csil.cs.ucsb.edu:{pathtosandbox}/minix_3.1.3a_src/ src/

With rsync's -u option you can be sure that you're always only replacing outdated files, so in case you accidentally rsync the wrong direction your work wont be lost.

Turnin for Demo

Since it's much quicker for you to demo the projects than for me to patch and compile your projects, please include a md5sum of your virtual machine drive image(s) with your turnin. This allows me to verify that you have not modified your project between the turnin and demo. Include the sum(s) in your design document.

A md5sum can be generated via md5sum minix.img. Once you have generated the sum, you cannot boot into the image, so make sure the virtual machine is turned off prior to generating the sum.

You might also want to make a copy of your hdd image and compute the md5 sum from that. Of course you will have to boot up from that image for the demo then.

Project 6 Extra Credit

There are two ways to receive extra credit for this project described below. Note that these two options are mutually exclusive.

  1. For 1.5 * your score submit your project by 23:59:59 on Sunday June 7 and demo your project either that Tuesday or Wednesday. This gives you a maximum possible score of 150/100 on this project.
  2. Any combination of the following three thus giving you a maximum possible score of 109/100 on this project.
    • 3pts - Immediate files utilize the full 40 bytes
    • 3pts - Files shrunk to < 32 bytes become immediate (truncate)
    • 3pts - Old files are converted to immediate if < 32 bytes